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A Message from Chief Corley

Corley, Marty 1.jpg

There’s no more noble profession than protecting and serving your community.

Our officers are among the most elite in the nation, a diverse group of men and women who wear their badges with honor and come home at the end of the day feeling accomplished, knowing they made a difference. 

We take great pride in our people, training, technology, and facilities, which makes MCPD one of the finest departments in the State-- we are the best because we invest in the best.

The citizens of our great city depend on our officers to keep them safe, and it’s a responsibility we hold to the highest of standards, which is why our uniform is reserved for only the most exceptional public servants. Officers who serve with integrity, welcome challenges and thrive in the line of duty—brothers and sisters who want to do good and be good.  

We’re always looking to hire the best of the best and welcome you to apply.

A Message from Assistant Chief Forker

Culturally, geographically and economically, Michigan City, Indiana, is one of the greatest communities to live, work and play. With a population of over 31,000, MCPD is representative of the citizens we serve, with demographic diversity continuing to grow among our department, divisions and ranks.

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A Message from Assistant Chief Cooney

Cooney, David 2.JPG

MCPD is a perfect fit for those looking to advance their law enforcement careers. With several specialized divisions, units and teams to choose from, our officers have endless opportunities to achieve and succeed at MCPD. This level of versatility provides fulfilling police work, and our officers thrive because of it.

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